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Playing Dominoes a Summer Picnic Pastime is Good for Your Children

We have also started playing dominoes.  With my four year old son, we started with just matching the dots and matching the pictures on his Cars dominoes.  This helps him develop visual discrimination which is a necessary pre-reading skill and pre-math skill.  Children have to be able to recognize the difference between letters to begin reading and number quantities to do begin doing math.    My son does not play dominoes often enough to be able to manipulate fives as well as he does twos.  Basketball is his game and groups of five are larger quantities to visualize when applying them in addition.  All concepts take time and should be accomplished at the child’s pace for them to enjoy learning.  My six year old daughter understands how to match dominoes to count by fives and add points.  The sooner children master early concepts such as skip counting and adding; the more confident they will be about solving math problems later.

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