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What We Need Is Healthy Education Reform

It never ceases to amaze me how little balance we humans have. Ellwood Cubberly gave rise to the administrative model that we follow today. At the end of the 1800’s around 1899, this businessman dabbled around in the classroom. He became superintendent of schools in San Diego. He introduced industrial management as the administrative system. So, we get a standardized education that ignores individual progress.

Then Dewey was an educator and philosopher. He believed in experiential learning where children could learn theory and application at one time. He did not believe in what he called “dead knowledge” which was disconnected from relevant life experiences.

But, again, humans of the progressive movement showed their uncanny lack of balance. Instead of guiding what the children learned and then allowing them to explore, children were allowed to lead themselves. So, it was difficult to measure or monitor how the children were progressing. Because Dewey’s philosophy was misunderstood, many people steered clear of them.


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