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My History Tells Me Education Transformation, Not Reformation

I am an action oriented person who has been passionate about education for two decades. I taught at daycare centers in high school. I was a substitute teacher for years during undergraduate and graduate school. I taught eighth grade English for a semester as a long-term substitute. I also taught a dropout prevention alternative high-school diploma program at Austin Community College. While in the graduate school of business, I founded a nonprofit youth organization because I was so alarmed by the lack of intrinsic value for education that I observed in the early 1990s, and that continues today.

I have always believed in the intrinsic value of education – not to pass a test, and not to fulfill a vocation. Every child and person is gifted. Education should help students identify and develop their gifts and use their talents to strengthen subject areas that are more challenging for them. I want young people to learn skills to sustain themselves intellectually, emotionally, and financially in the future. A high-quality education helps students feel secure about their ability to contribute to the world. Under the current education system, we cannot make students confident about their abilities to affect change in their lives. Their progress is not measured based on their achievement, but someone else’s standard. Therefore, I now call myself an education transformer because we need systematic and administration changes.


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