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Chilean Mine Rescue Is Creativity In Action – Inspire A Child!

I have believed for years that technology is one of most important aspects of our future.  I do not discount music, medicine, gardening, the arts, or math.  But, I do not understand how people can be resistant to technology. 

I love technology.  I certainly have not understood many aspects of it over the years.  But, technology has allowed us to accomplish so much that we have taken it for granted.  For example, our computers can provide so much functionality like talking on the phone, video conferencing, and watching TV. 

Yes, there are some things to be cautious about such as cyber bullying and Internet predators.  But, I have focused on the  human creative power and endless possibilities.

As I watched the capsule arrive inside the Chilean mine, I could not help but be moved by how much the technology we take for granted has improved our lives.  I was fascinated to watch images from a camera positioned more than 2,000 feet below the surface of the earth capture a signal and broadcast it around the world.  It was a testament to the human imagination.  The fact that I cannot make it happen does not stop me from being able to appreciate how awesome the rescue capsule and images are.  Perhaps, had I had a better science and technology education when my mind was fresh, I could produce technical wonders.  But, that is not my mission.  My purpose is to help advocate for the imaginations and creativity of today’s children.

Inspire a child!


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  1. * michellefrommadison says:

    Thank God for the saving of these Chilean miners who some media-heads implied they would not likely be rescued safely or alive. But, beyond the media-head’s ignorance, the media-head’s incompetence, and their failure on their wrongful-speculations, there still remains the question of how many of these saved minors will end up divorced , separated, or the victim of suicide after later learning of situations that their wives or girlfriends were unfaithful to their “beloved” partners while they remained trapped under ground. Could take years. Might be time for those Chilean miners to seek out American attorneys, and sue those incorrect American media-heads out of existence. But, that would eliminate the entire CNN network (except for the Anderson 360 show), what then? Should those incorrect CNN media-heads be imprisoned for the crimes they committed against these rescued miners? Another case for a reconsideration of the value of the death penalty for the CNN media-heads and their staffers. Maybe CNN can sell tickets for their employees executions or raise some money by selling tickets in an auction-format too. Starting bids?

    | Reply Posted 8 years, 8 months ago

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